The UK's Peak Oil Community, raising awareness and making changes.
Peak Oil is when global oil supplies max out and begin declining. The British Government's UK Energy Research Centre says there is significant risk of this happening before 2020. It may already have happened. This is a situation increasingly recognised by business, government, military and oil industry experts.. is dedicated to raising awareness & discussion of the impending & permanent decline of cheap oil & gas supply. The consequences of will affect every aspect of our lives.

Why are oil prices are so volatile? We examine why. We provide news on the energy industry and how it affects the UK. We keep an eye on what is happening in the political, economic and social sectors as the global production of oil, the lifeblood of modern industrialised societies, peaks and then declines.

We will look at the implications. We will provide you with the facts and the material to spread this important warning, and look at ways to prepare for this global phenomenon. Join in the discussion now in the discussionUK's most established Peak Oil forum

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