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Welsh community wind project looking for investors
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 27, 2018 11:12 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

BritDownUnder wrote:
vtsnowedin wrote:
BritDownUnder wrote:
It could also be that the new wind farms are put in places where the grid cannot transmit all their power but I doubt the developers would be so incompetent as to not upgrade the grid first.

That is a great set of rose colored glasses you have there.
I'm a bit dated but the windmills I have had my hands on would feather the blades so that they would not tear themselves apart in a high wind but would still be producing their max output under that wind. I'll be surprised if the new state of the art mills can't do as well.

Wind power generated by the turbine increases as the cube of wind speed. Most wind turbines generate their rated power around 14 m/s after which the blades become progressively more feathered to maintain this rated power, and as you rightly said so they don't tear themselves apart, until about 25 m/s speed at which point the brake is applied and power output ceases.

Not sure what you are meaning about the rose tinted specs but in Australia there has been a case of a wind farm output being capped below rated due to there not being enough synchronous power generated in the grid.

Putting a brake on would increase the stress on the blades exponentially. Turning the blade head ninety degrees to the wind direction fully feathered with no load on the armature would be the best bet. The old 32 volt Jacobs wind mills I worked on did this by releasing the tail control cable and letting the springs of it's mounting fold it ninety degrees.
As to rose tinted specs. It is your assumption that a government agency would do things in the proper order to be cost effective with the tax payers money. Examples of that are few and far between.
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